Exercises to develop mindfulness

Here are some exercises that you can do to develop mindfulness.

  1. Think about the thoughts that came to your mind today. Just write them down without judging.
  2. Think about a moment that was not the happiest in the last few days. Tell yourself, “It’s okay to feel bad and face problems. It will come to an end sooner or later.”
  3. One way to stay in the moment is to think about what the day has in store for you. Write down what you want to be thankful for.
  4. Try to divide feelings not into good and bad, but into pleasant and unpleasant. Pleasant feelings are, for example, joy, hope, happiness, pleasure, gratitude, confidence, etc. What pleasant feeling would you like to experience today? Write about that feeling.

Keeping records is a great way to learn more about the principles of mindful living. The main thing is to develop the habit of daily practices that will help you cope with stress and learn to appreciate life here and now.

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