Junior Coders
Age Y2-Y6
Why Kodu is great for learning programming?

  • It introduces basic programming principles and structural computational thinking
  • Kodu is multidisciplinary environment
  • Kodu teaches cause and effect
  • It is great for learning problem solving, critical thinking, breaking a complex task into a manageable simpler steps
  • Kodu is great for creativity and collaboration
  • And the last but not the least – children love Kodu as Kodu is fun and cool.

What will your child take home?

Children take home their amazing games they can share with parents, grandparents and friends, knowledge and experience, tonnes of positive impressions and of course new friends. You will be proud of your child achievements.

We teach kids programming in amazing environment called Kodu. This is a software tool that enables kids to design 3D video games using a simple visual programming language. Children learn the basics of coding principles as well as programming constructions that are used in every language: conditions, sequences, loops.

While working on their projects children discover the physics of objects, work with light, model different scenarios, design unique environments. Kids work on the models of object interactions, understand cause and effect principles. It's a natural way for kids to learn and understand physics and maths through the technology. Children learn the essential skills for life in the 21st century