Kids and emotions – tips for parents

  • There are no bad emotions

Don’t forbid your child to have feelings. “Don’t be angry!”, “Don’t be afraid!” are messages that parents should not use when raising a child.

  • Help understand emotions

When a certain action occurs, followed by an emotion, it is better to pause and discuss with the child what is happening now and what he feels.

  • Learn to respond correctly

Discuss how to deal with the situation. Try to talk in such a way that the child can choose a form of reaction which he will use to express his feelings.

  • Take the time to communicate

Time spent together is priceless. You will learn a lot about your child. Thanks to such conversations, the child will learn to understand his emotions and what is happening to him even when you are not around.

  • Hug your kid

Tactile contact is important. It can be used to calm and support your child.

  • Start with yourself

Talk about your emotions and what caused them.

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