Myths about education that prevent us from studying

If you or your kid believe that you don’t have abilities to do something, you will never learn. If in their childhood kids have doubts about their abilities, they will not pursue their dream because they think they are not good at something. Many still think that they are not good specialists even when they become adults. So, what are the myths?

  1. I am not clever enough to be a good specialist in this sphere. If you think that you don’t have enough knowledge to get some skills, you not only deceive yourself, but also prevent yourself from studying.
  2. Difficulties when studying something new disappoint. Difficulties, on the other hand, develop your brain. Mistakes open new opportunities for our thinking.
  3. You need to constantly praise kids. However, it might also be bad for them. When they are told that they are clever, first they think, ‘Ok, I am clever.’ But when they make mistakes, they will think that they are not actually as clever and will be disappointed. Instead of saying, ‘You are clever,’ it’s better to say, ‘I like what you do.’

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