Personal boundaries

A sense of personal boundaries is one of the main protective systems of a person. It is very important for any of us to feel the moment when our internal and external boundaries are violated or when something is done to us that we do not allow. How can you help your child develop and […]

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When children grow, they develop knowledge and a certain image of themselves. One day, they face a conflict between dreams and reality: their existing ideal image of themselves and those qualities that are actually given to them from birth. Dark-haired people dream of becoming blondes, quiet and modest ones want to be brave heroes, etc. […]

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Coping with emotions

Being a parent and explaining everything to a child is not easy. There is much to be taught to the child, to guide him correctly so that he can find his own path in life. The modern world requires a child to develop many skills from childhood. One of them is understanding emotions. The list […]

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Beginning to perform a task

By teaching children to do everyday tasks, you lay a good foundation for self-study. Working with this skill shows children that sometimes they need to put aside the things they want to do and do what is necessary, even if it is not so interesting. This prepares them for school and participation in extracurricular activities. […]

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Planning and setting priorities

Some parents are sure that the child must be successful and purposeful. Others believe that kids are kids so they don’t teach them how to manage their own time. But the older the children are, the more important this skill is. The purpose of planning is for the child to become independent. And to do […]

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How to make a daily routine?

There are some tips for compiling a daily routine: You need to write down your daily routine in a diary or notebook. When recording work and tasks, you can tick those that have already been completed, which will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the day. It is important to clearly follow the priorities […]

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