How to teach kids programming?

Atmosphere plays a crucial role. Formal atmosphere develops systematic thinking. Informal contributes to motivation and shapes the sphere of interest. The ideal atmosphere combines both. Studying technology leads to the disappearance ofboundaries between formal and informal education. In informal atmosphere kids are more likely to create more complex projects, they are more creative and are […]

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Teenagers’ memory

Teenagers want to be independent from their parents and are frequently rebellious. Their outlook changes. At this age friends, fashion and trends are much more important than studying. Parents have to understand that after going to school, doing homework and other tasks, teenagers need to have some free time. Psychologists think that between the age […]

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Coding for kids

Coding is suitable for kids with any type of thinking. Kids experiencing serious difficulties at school usually have lower self-esteem. Coding is especially useful for those having problems with studying basic subjects. Creating something after several failures leads to good benefits. A kid starts to value his effort and becomes involved in the process. Coding […]

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4 phrases to demotivate your child

‘What are you proud of?’ Kids can be proud of being able to draw a funny face or doing some easy tasks. Many parents will say: “You’d better do something useful”. However, being able to draw develops creativity, for example. ‘When I was your age…’ Many parents think that telling their kid what they achieved […]

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How can I start programming?

Parents should encourage children to develop different life skills. Everybody knows that studying by doing something is much more productive. Children are curious by nature and like exploring everything. They like discoveries, like assembling things, exploring them, smelling them, touching them and asking what they are used for. Programming is much easier than you think. […]

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Why is programming important for my kid?

It is important for the younger generation to be confident and comfortable with technology without being passive users of it. Teaching programming is extremely important. Kids should be encouraged to study it, develop their skills further, overcome difficulties. Programming teaches logical thinking and improves written as well as oral skills. Kids who study it are […]

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How does programming help study?

When studying programming, kids learn to think in another new way. If the program they have written does not work or works incorrectly, they have to analyze and think of new ways of solving a problem. Kids begin to understand new ideas and learn to study. Working with code helps to learn from mistakes and […]

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What are the benefits of gamification?

Better experience. When studying you feel excited, not bored. And you acquire skills. Better atmosphere for studies. It helps to create a safe environment where making mistakes is not so important. Instant feedback. You quickly understand what you are doing right and what needs improving. Can be used in any sphere. Math, programming, sales, talks […]

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Do you need to be very clever to be a programmer?

It is the most popular misconception which prevents many people from writing their programs. Many do not consider themselves to be clever enough. However, it is not that difficult to learn programming as many think. Programmers are ordinary people who love creating computer programs, games and applications. In order to code you do not need […]

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