Coping with difficulties

Dealing with difficulties isn’t easy, especially if you’re dealing with stress on your own. So that your kid won’t feel alone in a difficult situation, teach them to ask others for help. Try to let your child feel that they can always count on you. Who else can they turn to? Draw a circle and […]

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I will never be able

It is easy to fall into the fixed mindset trap. But if you learn to notice destructive thoughts and change them for better ones, you can get out. Encourage your child to practice. 1. Write down the negative thoughts associated with the fixed mindset. For example, “I will never be able to understand math.” 2. […]

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Why is setting goals important?

Setting goals is: the ability to plan your time, taking into account the importance of tasks, the ability to find the best solutions, the ability to correctly frame goals and achieve them. These skills are indispensable not only for successful study and work, but they can also help a person cope with any life situation […]

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Flexible thinking for teenagers

Difficulties often confuse teenagers. It seems to the child that he will not succeed – it’s not even worth trying. Because of this, the mood deteriorates, academic performance decreases, relationships at school and at home worsen. But they can manage it. The key is to replace the fixed mindset (“I can never do it”) with […]

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