Robot Engineers

Coding, Maths, Robotics and Physics for Y3 - Y7 Students

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Robot Engineers course combines Coding, Maths, Robotics and Physics for Y3 - Y7 students. Children will design, build and program robots. The goal of the course is to learn coding, engineering, electronics, physics of electrical circuits, sensors, etc. Furthermore, students will gain troubleshooting skills and enhance their mathematical thinking. Our program has been developed for children by STEAM robotics and coding educators from leading robotics educational institution

Learning Materials

STEMLOOK Robot Makers Learning Materials

Well organised lessons

Stemlook Robot Makers Robotic Class Theory of operation explanation

Theory of operation explained

STEMLOOK Robot Makers Robot Assembly Instructions

Clear instructions on assembling basic blocks

STEMLOOK Robot Makers Robot Programming Examples

Robot programming examples

STEMLOOK Robotics Coding Environment Robot Makers

Friendly Coding Environment