Robot Newbies is a perfect class for children 4-5 years old (3 y.o. trial class) to step into the world of robotics. They will develop logical thinking, fine motor skills and basic coding as well as will have fun and will communicate with other students. We use UARO - unique robotic kit developed by ROBOROBO. 

Learning materials

STEMLOOK Robot Newbies Lesson example

Curriculum program is suitable for 4 - 5 years old students. Special colour pattern is followed throughout the curriculum.

Clear instructions

STEMLOOK Robot Newbies Robotic kit tools

UARO tools were designed specially for young Robot Newbies. It helps students to stay concentrated and to develop small muscles through assembly process and that way develop fine motor skills.

STEMLOOK Robot Newbies Unique Robot Programming Technique

Unique coding technique

Unique Robotic Kit