Robot Newbies

Robot Newbies will step into the world of robotics. They will develop logical thinking, fine motor skills and basic coding as well as will have fun and will communicate with other students.
UARO Coding Board and Coding Blocks allow kids to learn coding easily.
Each Coding block stores unique program. A child can easily identify the code by image, shape and colour of a block. As a result, they can program various complex actions.
UARO tools were designed specially for young Robot Newbies. It helps students to stay concentrated and to develop small muscles through assembly process and that way develop fine motor skills.
Curriculum program is suitable for 3 - 5 years old students. Special colour pattern is followed throughout the curriculum.
Our classes are not just about building robots, but also about learning programming, developing creativity and innovative thinking skills, understanding engineering principles, learning how to use robots, how robots work and serve humans, play games, complete robotics quests and missions, make new friends and have fun.

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