When children grow, they develop knowledge and a certain image of themselves. One day, they face a conflict between dreams and reality: their existing ideal image of themselves and those qualities that are actually given to them from birth.

Dark-haired people dream of becoming blondes, quiet and modest ones want to be brave heroes, etc. An internal conflict arises, a child thinks: “Well, why am I like this? I want to be different!”

How to help your kid? Ask him: In what situations do you like yourself the most? When are you most proud of yourself? What do you like to do, what is unusual about you? Then say, “If we take a large sheet of paper, draw a circle (that’s you), and place all your amazing features and qualities around, we will get a flower with many petals. No one else in the world has such a flower – there are others, but no one else has exactly this combination of petals. And that’s great.”

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