Ways to improve concentration

Sometimes you may find it difficult to focus on something. There are several ways to train your own concentration. ·  Make a to-do list The easiest way to reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks is to have a special to-do list. If you have a list at hand, it will be easier for you […]

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Exercises to develop mindfulness

Here are some exercises that you can do to develop mindfulness. Think about the thoughts that came to your mind today. Just write them down without judging. Think about a moment that was not the happiest in the last few days. Tell yourself, “It’s okay to feel bad and face problems. It will come to […]

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What is mindfulness and why is it important?

When we talk about mindfulness, long meditations and other complex practices immediately come to mind. In fact, mindfulness is quite an applied quality, which is especially important for teenagers to develop. Mindfulness helps you focus on tasks and treat yourself with acceptance. Mindfulness is total presence in the moment. You are attentive and aware of […]

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What are the types of motivation?

For successful learning, motivation is very important. The most significant for students are the following motives: cognitive, that is, the desire to know more, to become smart; emotional; self-development – revealing one’s abilities and talents; achievements; external – rewards, punishments. In addition, motives are divided into external (social) and internal (cognitive). An example of extrinsic […]

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