STEMLOOK Robotics and Coding School

STEMLOOK is an innovative school of educational experiences in STEM that includes: robotics, coding (blocks, Scratch, Python, JavaScript, C#), AI (Artificial Intelligence), 3D Game design courses (Unity C#) for students K-Y10.

We run In-Person and Online classes, school holiday camps (Minecraft Coding, Python, Robotics, Roblox Coding).
Our aim is to inspire children to think out of the box, to solve complex problems, to use creativity, to apply knowledge in practice.
We use personalized learning approach. The classes are led by qualified teachers. As a results, children are kept busy, connected and educated.

We offer Online Self-Directed courses and Robotic Kits in our shop for children of all ages (K-Y8) if you decide to study robotics, coding and STEM by yourself at home.

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STEMLOOK Student’s Path

Coding and robotics are new “must have” skills for every student in the modern world. We have designed our program to match the age of the students. We have introduced a hybrid education model – mix of traditional in-person classes and online learning process. It allows educators and our students to benefit from the advantages of both online and in-class education. Our students have access to the educational materials in their personal cabinet of our Online Educational System. It means, home tasks, challenges and materials are available anytime anywhere.

STEMLOOK Students' Path

Children can start plunging into the world of robotics at the age of 4-5 years old (Kindy) on our Robot Newbies classes. They will get acquainted with robotics and basic programming.

For the children 6-7 years old (Y1-Y2 ), we are happy to offer Robot Explorers classes. Robot Explorers course lasts for 4 school terms and includes 2 robotic kits (basic kit and an upgrade in term 3). The course aims to develop the following skills: logical thinking, problem solving, engineering and basic coding concepts.

Children of 8-13 years (school year Y3-Y7) old can enroll into Robot Engineers course. Students will learn how to design and build robots. Programming of the robots is performed in user-friendly environment (block-programming and C). In short, our classes target developing all “skills” required for the course: coding, engineering, math, physics and electronics. Moreover, our curriculum is being constantly updated to reflect the latest achievements in science, robotics and space exploration. The course consists of 6 levels. Each level lasts 2 school terms.

For children in school year Y3-Y4 we have Python Explorers course. Students will learn Python coding basics. There are 4 terms of classes to ensure children are confident in using their coding skills.
As a next level for coding, we offer Python Coders course, which consists of 5 terms of studying coding in Python. The course is available for children Y5-Y8. Previous coding experience (e.g. Scratch) preferable, but not mandatory.

Advanced coding classes lasts 8 terms and are based on JavaScript (JavaScript Coders) and C# (Unity Designers). We accept students Y6-Y10 in the classes with previous experience in coding (Python).

AI Architects course designed for students in school year Y7-Y9. This is advanced AI class. Students are required to have experience in Robotics (Robot Engineers) or Coding (Python). The course is designed to introduce children to the science of Artificial Intelligence. As a result, they will get familiar with Big Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Models, Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning. 

STEMLOOK Unique Educational Model

STEMLOOK has always kept abreast of the times and provided high quality education to kids by suiting its educational practices to the needs of its students. As a result, we came up with two educational streams: ‘In-Person + LMS’ and ‘Online / LIVE + LMS’.

‘In-Person + LMS’ education consists of two parts. Firstly, it is face to face classes in one of STEMLOOK campuses. Secondly, it is a Learning Management System (LMS).

‘Online / LIVE + LMS’ is distant education, which is gaining in popularity. It gives students an opportunity to study via the Internet with the help of materials located there (home tasks, challenges, quizzes and materials). It is very convenient for those who want to learn but do not have an opportunity to do it in-person. To manage the timetable, systematize the material, STEMLOOK delivers online education with the help of a LMS.

In-Person Class + LMS

Teacher explains theory and guides students with tasks in class. Homework, tests, challenges are in-build in their personal cabinet of our LMS. Furthermore, it has all study materials for students to refresh their knowledge.

Online / LIVE + LMS

Live teacher class over Internet. Teacher explains theory and guides students in real-time during the class. All materials, tests and homework are in student’s personal cabinet of our LMS.

What is LMS (Learning Management System)?

As the name suggests, this system gives an opportunity to manage educational courses and programs. To be more precise, it gives an opportunity to store learning materials, namely, lectures, presentations, books and courses which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Participants of a program can be anywhere and they can study whenever they want. In such a way, students can study by themselves from any part of the world, and educators can teach and assess students, and track their progress any time.

The abbreviation consists of three words:

Learning. With the help of LMS, a database of electronic courses and learning materials is created and it can be shared with anybody.
Management. An educator manages the process of learning. He/she gives learners the necessary material, checks homework.
System. It helps an educator to check tests and note how much time each of the students has studied.

LMS have a lot of benefits:

  • Free access to information. Materials are accessible to any users wherever they are.
  • Improved communication. LMS give an opportunity for participants to communicate, exchange information among themselves and with an educator.
  • Multimedia learning. LMS give a wonderful opportunity to create courses with the use of videos, images, audio, which contributes to students’ interest in what is being studied.
  • Parents’ access to the timetable and the results. Parents have a chance to always be aware of their children’s classes, assessments, results.
  • More organized students. Having an access to their schedule, students know what classes they have, when they have them, when their assessments are due, which helps students to plan their time.
  • Detailed statistics. The program tracks attendance, progress, how well material has been learnt. In this way, it is possible for educators to see what is difficult and what is not for learners.
  • Use of gamification. For their progress students get awards, compete with each other to be the best, which helps to make learners interested in studying.

STEMLOOK students school year Y2+ get complimentary access to STEMLOOK LMS.

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