How do you make kids interested in reading?

·  Lead by Example: You can’t force a child to love books, but you can show them how magical reading can be. Take a trip to the bookstore together and pick out a book that catches both your interests. Make books something coveted, filled with fascinating and essential knowledge.

·  Read Together: Once you’re back home, settle into a cozy spot and dive into the book together. This is the best way to spark your child’s curiosity. Aim to spend at least 5 minutes reading together each day.

·  Create a Comfortable Reading Environment: Make reading a comfortable and enjoyable experience tailored to your child’s preferences. Whether it’s a favorite chair or a quiet corner, a cozy atmosphere makes diving into a book much more enticing.

·  Start Early: Childhood is the perfect time to instill a love for books. The earlier you introduce reading as a pleasurable activity, the more likely it becomes a lifelong passion.

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