How to criticize your kid correctly?

Bad criticism can be very dangerous for children because it destroys interest and gives rise to fear.

  • Don’t become personal. If you tell your kid that they are stupid, bad and other unpleasant things all the time, they will not have any desire to improve something. It is better to praise their effort and the result of their work. For example, it is good to say, “I saw how long you prepared for the test. I am proud of you!”
  • Don’t make small failures into a tragedy. If a kid has forgotten to do an easy task you have given them, just say that you are disappointed and hope that they will not do it again. In this way, you will teach them to differentiate between a serious problem and small trouble.
  • Teach and help. Kids may not do something at the first attempt, sometimes they are just afraid to do something. Instead of saying, “You are old enough, you will do it”, teach them and help them overcome their fear. Help and encouragement are extremely important for kids.

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