How to teach a child to accept defeat?

In life, everyone faces both victory and defeat, so it is extremely important to be able to cope with the feelings associated with them.

What you need to do:

  1. Find positive moments for which you can praise. Don’t focus on winning. Show the child what was done well, for example: “Yes, today you did not take first place, but you did great”.
  2. Analyze with the child which of his actions contributed to a particular outcome. You should not shift the responsibility to other participants in the competition, biased judges, and so on. This will not help the child improve his performance and realize the importance of the effort.
  3. Compare your child’s progress today only to their own progress. It is completely useless to use as an example other children or the experience of parents at the same age. Pay attention to something new child has acquired during this experience: “Last time you made ten mistakes, and today there are only five! This means that you showed a result twice as good as the one that was!”

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