Mistakes parents make when encouraging their kids

It is very difficult for a child who is not interested in learning to use the acquired knowledge, and the lack of motivation leads to their lagging behind. Why does this happen? Parents very often make mistakes when trying to encourage their kids.

  • High expectations; not taking into account the abilities of the child.
  • Gifts in exchange for good academic performance. There are many downsides to this method. The child quickly develops a habit of getting what he wants through good grades. In the future, he may begin to demand a reward and fulfill your requests only after receiving what he wants.
  • Motivation for success. Often, parents assure the child that all his actions should be aimed at success and high status in society. In the future, such children grow up to be people who do everything for the sake of success and money, and not because it brings them positive emotions or is aimed at helping loved ones.

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