3 important skills to learn to be friends

There is a foundation without which it will be very difficult for a person to maintain close relationships and initiate friendships.


High, but not overstated, healthy and adequate self-esteem is the basis of a healthy human psyche. It is laid in childhood, when a child realizes and respects his desires and point of view, knows how to competently defend his position, knows his strengths and weaknesses, is not afraid to make independent decisions and takes responsibility for them.

Basic Communication Skills

We call a child who possesses such skills in everyday life well-mannered and polite – the kid observes the norms and rules of behavior adopted in the society where he grows up. The same skills include the child’s ability to quickly get acquainted and find contact with peers.

Comfort in a team

Comfort in the team consists of a positive microclimate, cohesion of children and common hobbies. They, as a bridge to friendship and create the basis for close relationships of children for many years.

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