7 things you need to know when developing kids’ intellect

  • The intellect develops best until kids are 12 years old. This period is the most beneficial for studying and getting knowledge in different spheres
  • The level of intellectual abilities of kids brought up in favourable environment increases. So, if a child lives in a caring environment, his intellect develops quickly
  • The brain is similar to a muscle. The harder you train it, the greater your mental abilities are
  • The best way to develop intellect is to do a new activity. While revising what a kid knows, it’s necessary to learn something new
  • Listening to classical music can improve not only children’s mental abilities, but also parents’
  • The higher the educational level of a kid is, the less the possibility of developing a brain disease. Intellectual development leads to replacing dead cells with new ones
  • The style of life as well as ecological factors and food influence the intellect. So, eat healthy food and lead a healthy lifestyle

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