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COVID safe robotics and coding

We’re incredibly excited to reopen Face to Face Term 4 classes enrolments. In line with NSW Health advise, education facilities will be open from 11th of October.  The health and safety of our students, parents and teachers remains our top priority. We are working hard to ensure the classrooms are ready to reopen for coding and […]

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Why develop visual memory?

When interacting with the outside world, kids get information by means of seeing and hearing. So, it is important to develop auditory and visual perception of different objects whereby improving attention span and memory. Visual memory is of great importance as it has a great influence on intellectual development of a child. To help kids […]

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5 ways to study programming

Choose the language of programming. There is not the best language. As soon as you master one, it will be easy to learn another. Be patient. If you start a project, divide it into steps. Fulfill them step by step. Start with easy programs. For example, using Scratch, you can create very complex algorithms. There […]

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On line or off line?

Many parents prefer off line education because together with getting new knowledge, kids socialize. And for many it is not just communicating with other kids, but communicating with kids having similar interests. Children exchange their experience, their horizon broadens, they find like-minded people and make teams. The main goal of on line education is not […]

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Is it possible to study online?

Undoubtedly, the best education is face to face. However, if a kid wants to study something, but there is no person who could help him, then online education is the answer. The good thing about it is that you can receive the best education from the best professionals. You don’t have to leave the comfort […]

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