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Women inventors

Kevlar – the bulletproof material A chemist Stephanie Kwolek invented technology which helped to make Kevlar – a heat-resistant, strong but at the same time light fiber well known for being used in bullet-proof vests. Kwolek started working in the research laboratory DuPont in the 1960s when there were very few women there. For fifteen […]

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Who invented windscreen wipers - post by STEMLOOK

Who invented windscreen wipers?

– Windscreen wipers were invented by a woman from Alabama, Mary Anderson in 1902. During her trip to New York, she noticed that bad weather prevented tram drivers from seeing through the window. In her notebook she drew a possible solution to the problem: wipers similar to the ones we have nowadays which could be […]

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The first computer

– Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without a computer. Everybody uses them: from students at school to developers of new technology. Computer technology has made data processing easier and helped to protect personal information. Do you know when the first computer was invented? The very first computer was introduced on February 14, […]

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The first game console

– The very first game console (prototype) was a bulky rectangular box with two controllers connected to it. It was called “Brown Box”. Its inventor was Ralf Bayer known as father of video games because of his great contribution to the development of this industry, especially during the first years of the existence of games. […]

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The first computer mouse

– Douglas Engelbart is the first man who founded the field of human-computer interaction and invented the computer mouse. On December 9, 1968 the first computer mouse was introduced at the show of interactive devices in California. The first computer mouse looked like a hand-made wooden box and inside it there were two perpendicular wheels […]

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Who invented the automobile?

– Carl Friedrich Michael Benz is the inventor of the automobile. He patented the main parts of the automobile. He was born in a poor family but he was able to get a scholarship and graduate from the university at the age of 19. After working at different enterprises for 7 years, he started his […]

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When was the wheel invented?

– The wheel is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is believed that it first appeared in the Bronze Age. The first wheels date back to the period between 3500-1000 BC. First wheels were made of pieces of wood, later they were carved from the trunk of a tree, which made them very […]

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Who invented Google?

– Nowadays it is one of the most popular search engines people use. But do you know who invented it? Two students of Stanford University were very keen on the program Star Trek and the spaceship computer. They wanted to invent something that would be able to give answers in seconds. Search engines used to […]

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Who invented the light bulb?

– The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. He is known to have invented a light bulb which could work for 1500 hours. The actual idea does not belong to him and was attributed to many people. However, it was he who was able to find the necessary material so that it could work […]

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Who invented the barcode?

– On April 3, 1973 the barcode was invented by Bernard Siver and Norman Josef Woodland. Nowadays the barcode is a kind of key giving information about a product both to professionals and ordinary people. In 1948 a student in the city of Philadelphia Bernard Silver developed product labelling which was put with the help […]

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