Why should kids study programming?

Kids can learn fast forming their idea of what they see and making their own conclusions. Programming develops: Computational thinking which helps to solve complex problems. If a kid learns to divide a task into smaller parts, find common elements among them, he will be able to solve any problem in any sphere. Creative thinking. […]

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How can robotics help children in the future?

Robotics is not only a skill of programming. It helps kids practice all their skills. It helps to develop logical and systems thinking, teaches to think in a different way, improves attention span and memory, teaches to be independent and be observant, develops abstract thinking and imagination. Robotics is impossible without creativity. During classes students […]

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What does robotics develop?

When kids do robotics, they develop different qualities, such as responsibility, discipline, ability to work in a team, imagination and attention. Doing work from easy tasks to more difficult ones teach patience and determination. It also helps to develop: Creative thinking Mental abilities Memory Understanding of the world around us Respect for other people’s work […]

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Why robotics?

Robotics is a very wide notion and it started when first computers appeared. Robotics includes developing software, developing complex engineering solutions, programming artificial intelligence and design. It is a very promising not only for engineers and programmers, but also for designers, market specialists and even psychologists. We live in a very interesting period of history. […]

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When to start studying robotics

The best age to do a robotics course is between the age of 8-12. At a younger age it is difficult for a kid to understand abstract notions. When they are older, they might be interested in something else and can be distracted from studying robotics. Also, a kid should be motivated to study mathematics […]

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How to teach kids programming?

Atmosphere plays a crucial role. Formal atmosphere develops systematic thinking. Informal contributes to motivation and shapes the sphere of interest. The ideal atmosphere combines both. Studying technology leads to the disappearance ofboundaries between formal and informal education. In informal atmosphere kids are more likely to create more complex projects, they are more creative and are […]

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4 phrases to demotivate your child

‘What are you proud of?’ Kids can be proud of being able to draw a funny face or doing some easy tasks. Many parents will say: “You’d better do something useful”. However, being able to draw develops creativity, for example. ‘When I was your age…’ Many parents think that telling their kid what they achieved […]

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How can I start programming?

Parents should encourage children to develop different life skills. Everybody knows that studying by doing something is much more productive. Children are curious by nature and like exploring everything. They like discoveries, like assembling things, exploring them, smelling them, touching them and asking what they are used for. Programming is much easier than you think. […]

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