Caterina Fake

Caterina Fake is a pioneering entrepreneur who revolutionized the way we share and store photos on the internet. She co-founded Flickr in 2004, providing people with a platform to store and share their photos online. Before Flickr, the only way to share a photo was by email, which was inconvenient and did not provide a reliable long-term storage solution.

Born in Pennsylvania, Caterina earned a degree in English before embarking on a career in website design. She worked with big corporations as a freelance designer before co-founding Flickr. After Yahoo! acquired Flickr, Caterina joined the company as a Vice President of the Technology Development Group.

Caterina is also the co-founder of Hunch, a personalized recommendation service powered by machine learning. In 2011, eBay acquired Hunch for almost $100 million.

Today, Caterina is a well-respected entrepreneur and investor, providing mentorship and funding to up-and-coming startups. Her contributions to the tech industry have been widely recognized, and she has received accolades such as BusinessWeek’s “Best Leaders of 2005” and Fortune’s “Smartest People in Tech”.

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