Future education

The approach to education will change a lot because of the great potential of AI technology, robotics and virtual reality.

Developing a number of personal qualities will help a kid achieve success in adult life.

  • Enthusiasm. Many people nowadays do not have a goal in life. The most important asset of humanity is a keen mind. So encouraging enthusiasm in kids is extremely important. 
  • Curiosity. It is what kids have but what most people don’t when they become older.  In the world of Google, robots and AI, specialists who always ask questions: “And what if..?” and who are ready to experiment will be necessary.
  • Imagination. Many entrepreneurs imagine the world and the future they want to live in and try to create it.
  • Critical thinking. In the world of contradictory ideas, negative news and disinformation, developing this skill will help compare and contrast things and distinguish truth from lie.
  • Strong character and determination. These are the most important qualities helping a person achieve what they want.

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