Setting goals for older kids

There are five simple rules that are important to follow when setting goals in order to achieve them easier.

  1. Set goals that are important to you. Even if anticipation is enough for joy and delight, you are on the right track.
  2. Set measurable, specific goals. Becoming a good person is a good aspiration, but a very abstract goal. Adopting five dogs from a shelter, for example, or writing 2,500 words a week when trying to improve your writing is another matter. If the goal is large, divide it into smaller ones and complete them gradually.
  3. Set achievable goals. Even if the goal is important and difficult, you must clearly understand that it is realistic to achieve it.
  4. Set goals for short periods of time (for example, 2-3 months).
  5. Monitor and adjust long-term goals. The easiest way is to start a special notebook and track the progress of intermediate steps.

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