Setting goals for young kids

It’s important to teach your kid from a very young age to set goals. There is an easy way to do it.

Give the child a piece of paper and ask them to draw themselves in the center. It can be a self-portrait, a photograph, some symbol, a name or a nickname – something that the child associates with himself.

Then ask him to answer the following questions:

  • What would you like to be able to do by the end of the month (year)? For example, learn to draw animals or play the guitar.
  • What would you like to do? For example, to go on an excursion to some place, launch your own video blog.
  • What would you like to receive? For example, a new phone or a dog.

Understanding that the goal a kid sets is what he/she really wants is not difficult. If talking about it makes the child excited, you are on the right track.

Now visualize the goals. Have your child draw them or choose images from the internet together.

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