Signs of fatigue

It is important to recognize signs of fatigue in your kids when they do mental work.

Sleep disturbance. If a teenager cannot fall asleep in the evening, and during the day, they feel sleepy. Sleep imbalance and related problems are a signal that they need to rest.

Problems with appetite. It can be either its absence or vice versa, overeating when a child eats too much. Both of these indicate that there is something wrong with the emotional state of a kid.

Depression. It can occur both during seasonal transitions, for example, in the autumn, and during stressful periods, when a child has a lot of studies to do and it becomes difficult to cope with the volume of tasks.

Reduced academic performance. The lack of concentration leads to a deterioration in grades and a child is so burned out and devoid of energy that they cannot maintain their studies at the proper level. As a rule, this entails additional frustration and stress: poor grades are even more frustrating and discourage learning. It turns out to be a vicious circle.

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