Ways to improve concentration

Sometimes you may find it difficult to focus on something. There are several ways to train your own concentration.

·  Make a to-do list

The easiest way to reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks is to have a special to-do list. If you have a list at hand, it will be easier for you to focus on useful things.

·  Create a structure

In order to feel safe, our brain needs a clear structure. It must know what, where, why and when. Keep a diary, write down your ideas and thoughts, organize your to-do lists. You will see how you become more organised.

·  Learn to say ‘no’

How often do you agree to help your friend although you don’t have any time to do your own important things? If you want to be more focused on your own tasks, learn to say ‘sorry, I can’t. I would definitely do it if I had time’

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