Who invented windscreen wipers?

Did you know that windscreen wipers, the handy invention that keeps our car windows clean during rain or snow, were actually created by a brilliant woman named Mary Anderson? Back in 1902, Mary took a trip to New York and noticed that tram drivers were struggling to see through their windows during bad weather. Being a problem-solver at heart, she quickly came up with a genius idea.

Mary sketched out a solution in her notebook: wipers that could be operated by the driver. These wipers were similar to the ones we use today. Guess what? This invention was not the first attempt at solving the problem, but it was the first one that actually worked!

Just a year later, Mary received a patent for her amazing invention. However, windscreen wipers weren’t very popular at the time because there weren’t many cars on the road. But fast forward just 10 years, and everything changed. Cars became more common, and windscreen wipers quickly became a must-have feature. So, thanks to Mary Anderson’s clever thinking and determination, we can now drive safely and clearly, no matter the weather. Who knew something as simple as windscreen wipers could make such a huge difference!

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