Why do kids need to plan their time?

Young children are not able to plan time. Therefore, at first, we do it for them: remind them when it is time to get ready for school or kindergarten, get ready for bed, insist that the children finish their homework before watching TV. However, we need to teach them how to do it themselves.

What you need to do

1. Maintain a predictable family routine. When children wake up and go to bed around the same time every day and eat at the same time, they grow up with a sense of time.

2. Discuss with the children how long it took them to complete the tasks. For example, for housework, cleaning the room or doing math homework. This is the basis for developing the skill of estimating time, a very important component of planning.

3. Use your own calendars to set an example for your child. Hang a large calendar at home that highlights important events for everyone and the whole family.

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