Why praise kids?

When kids are very young, parents tell them how clever and good they are. Adults are proud of kids’ first attempts to do something, their first drawings, etc. But when children start school, parents praise them less and less considering them old enough. However, it is necessary to praise kids and here are the main reasons why:

  • Praise encourages trust-based relationships. Getting positive reaction to their actions, children understand that their close people love them, understand them, care for them and are always ready to help them.
  • Praise makes kids more self-confident. Regular praise encourages kids to believe in themselves. Kids who are often praised will not react negatively to criticism. They know, that if they are not good at something, it is not the end of the world. They just need to practice more.
  • Praise encourages motivation. When someone criticizes our work, we have no desire to finish it. So, if you find something to praise your kids for, they will do something more willingly.

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