Why teach kids to program?

Even if your kid doesn’t want to devote all his life to programming, there are a number of reasons why this skill will be beneficial form them in the future.

  • It develops logical thinking. The most important benefit of programming is that it teaches to think logically.
  • It helps to understand how computers work. To learn how to use them is different from understanding the way they work.
  • Programming is everywhere. The skill of writing a code gives a lot of opportunities in any sphere.
  • It teaches to work in a team and learn from others.
  • It develops creative abilities. Kids need to create something and when they learn to code, they will be able to create their own games, web sites, etc.
  • It gives a lot of job opportunities. Programmers are in demand everywhere.
  • Kids learn very fast. The most suitable time to start learning to program is in childhood.

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