Skills essential in the 21st century

Critical thinking and problem solving. Anybody can work following instructions. However, really profitable projects are given to people who can look at things from another point of view and quickly solve complex problems. Having only this skill can give you a good opportunity to get a good job. But if besides your ability to quickly […]

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How to make kids love studying?

Answer their questions. Don’t ignore their questions however naïve or useless they might seem to you. When giving extended answers and doing it with pleasure you make them inquisitive, develop the skill of analyzing and thinking critically. Create the necessary environment. Sometimes if your kid’s friends are not interested in studying, it is unlikely that […]

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Aural memory

Aural memory is extremely important as kids are always surrounded by different sounds. They get the first information about the outside world by means of hearing, so good hearing perception lets kids have impression of the surrounding objects and phenomena. However, although parents know about it, they sometimes don’t pay attention to the problems their […]

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