Interesting facts about phones

– The inventor of the phone is Antonio Meucci, not A.Bell. Antonio Meucci also made the first telephone set, but refused to patent it for 10$. Bell took advantage of that. – Nowadays Nokia is working on an idea of charging a phone from radio waves. – In Japan waterproof phones are popular as the […]

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Who invented the iPhone?

As it is known, iPhones are produced by an American corporation Apple which became popular because of its high-tech solutions. The idea man in Apple since it was founded was S.Jobs, the inventor of the first personal computer. In1999 Jobs cap up with an idea that his company besides computers should produce the best mobiles […]

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Who invented the touch phone?

The first telephone with a touch screen was produced in 1993 by an employee of a well-known computer company IBM. It was called IBM Simon. Its black and white screen was operated with a stylus, however, some operations could be made by hand. The phone weighed 0,5 kg. The battery was enough to talk for […]

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Who invented the mobile phone?

Very few people know that the first mobile phone was invented in the USSR in 1957. It weighed about 3 kg and was invented by Leonid Kupriyanovich. He later kept on working on his invention. As a result, in 1961 the weight of the mobile phone changed and it weighed 70 grams. In 1957 Kupriyanovich got […]

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Who invented the telephone?

Practically all modern encyclopedias say that the inventor of the phone is A. Bell. However, it’s not exactly right. Bell was the first person to patent the telephone, which happened in 1876. The real inventor is Antonio Meucci who was born in Florence, Italy and who later moved to the USA. He became interested in […]

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Top professions in STEM

Petroleum Engineer (Average salary A$ 136,327/yr) Petroleum engineers design equipment extracting natural resources such as petroleum or natural gas from the earth. Also, their job involves locating reservoirs of oil and natural gas and then finding ways to extract them. They spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing data connected with extracting these resources […]

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Top professions in STEM

Computer Support Specialist (Average salary A$ 70,799/yr) Computer support specialists help with the problems of entering the system, operating system faults. Sometimes they have to look inside the computer or laptop to define a problem and fix it, however, it happens more rarely. Taking into account the number of telephone calls they receive, personal meetings […]

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Top professions in STEM

Web developer (Average salary A$ 79,623/yr) Web developers build websites. However, they do many more other tasks. They must be able to analyze the needs of users so that suitable content, graphics, etc are used to meet the demands of those who use and own the site. Some web developers will work with Photoshop to […]

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Top professions in STEM

Financial Analyst (Average salary A$ 98,148/yr) Correct financial statistics is what helps businesses function, effectively distribute assets, carefully plan crisis management programs. So, in the market economy environment any developing organization needs a financial analyst. This profession is in high demand and requires deep knowledge and analytical skills. Financial analysts specialize in estimating securities, the […]

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