How to develop EQ in three steps

Do you ever wonder why you feel certain ways in different situations? Well, developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can help you understand and control your emotions better. And the best part is, it’s easier to develop than your intellect!

Here are three steps to help you develop your EQ:

Write it Down!

Start by jotting down how you feel throughout the day. Pay attention to specific events, such as important discussions, meeting new people, or even just everyday situations. Think about what triggers certain emotions in you, like happiness, anger, or sadness. By writing it down, you can learn more about yourself and why you react the way you do.

Find the Source

Once you’ve taken note of your emotions, dive deeper into why you feel that way. Ask yourself questions like, “What exactly makes me angry?” or “What brings me joy?” It’s important to understand the real reasons behind your emotions. Knowing the source will help you better manage and control your feelings.

Take Charge

Now that you know what and why you feel certain emotions, it’s time to take control! Think about ways to manage your emotions, especially when they become overwhelming. For example, if you feel sad, try finding something that makes you happy, like listening to music. Practice calming techniques to help you regain your peace of mind.

Remember, developing your EQ helps you navigate through life’s ups and downs. Start by writing down your emotions, finding their sources, and then taking charge of them.

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