How to help kids overcome their fears

  • Accept and understand

A child can be afraid of anything, even if it seems strange to adults. All that needs to be done is to sincerely accept the emotions of the kid and believe that he is really scared right now, even if the cause of his fear is a small caterpillar on the sidewalk or a monster living in a dark corner of the room. Let the kid know that you understand how scared he is and that you are ready to help him.

  • Be creative

Ask a child to draw their fear and then together modify the drawing. Add rescuers who fight bravely against the fear or draw the kid himself defeating it.

  • Speak to your kid

Create an environment in which the child will feel that you are always ready to help and that you can be trusted. Tell him that you, too, were once a small child and faced fears that you had to overcome.

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