How to explain to a child the importance of goal setting and make them confident

  • Highlight even the smallest achievements of the child

Children often do not notice their success or do not attach importance to them. Together with your child make a list of his latest achievements – everything that made you proud. For example, he learned to swim or saved up money to play.

  • Trust your child’s choice

No matter how great the temptation to decide everything for the child is, this is not worth doing. If you always tell a teenager what he should do, he will never know what he wants in life, and he will hardly be able to fully believe in himself.

  • Start small

To begin, help your child set a goal that he can achieve in a short period of time: finish reading a book, complete a drawing, learn to skate, etc. Small goals are excellent training for serious tasks because even small success always inspires new achievements.

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