What does it mean ‘to be friends’?

Have you thought about the fact that the skill to make friends is not given to a person from birth? It is a social skill that we learn throughout our lives. The foundation is laid, like all basic skills, in our childhood, so how a child’s relationships with people will develop depends on parents. What does “to be friends” mean? Of course, this is not only literally the ability to find a common language and interests with peers. This is the ability to control one’s own selfishness and emotional manifestations, the ability to pay attention to the opinions of other people. This is a developed empathy, generosity and concern for others.

We can say that the ability to be friends is the foundation of any relationship in the future – with others, colleagues or management. A child who knows how to make friends will more easily go through the crises of growing up, especially in adolescence, when there is often some alienation from parents and a desire for openness with peers.

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