About Us

STEMLOOK Robotics and Coding School

STEMLOOK is an innovative Robotics School. We run Face to Face and Online Robotics Classes and Camps for kids.  Check our variety of weekly online classes available for beginners and experienced students (advanced robotics course). Our classes led by qualified teachers keep children busy, connected and educated. We teach: roboticscoding, 3D Game Design ONLINE and in a class. Our aim is to inspire children to think out of the box, to solve complex problems, to use creativity, to apply knowledge in practice. We use personalised learning approach. Our tutors are personal teachers for thousands of students.
Join our community today and prepare your kids for the future.
In our schools across Sydney we offer robotics classes for children K-Y7 (Robot MakersRobot ExplorersRobot Newbies and Junior Coders) as well as unique Minecraft: Education Edition and Robotics Camps on school holidays.

We are happy to offer you Robotic Kits in our shop for children of all ages (K-Y7) if you decide to study robotics and STEM by yourself at home.

Our Curriculum Map

Coding and robotics are new “must have” skills for every student in the modern world. We have designed our program to match the age of the students. We have introduced a hybrid education model – mix of traditional classes and online learning process. It allowed us and our students to benefit from the advantages of both online and in-class education. Now children have access to the educational materials in their personal cabinet of our Online Educational System. It means, home tasks, challenges and materials are available anytime anywhere.

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