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Online Robotics Classes with Live Teacher

Coding, Maths, Robotics and Physics for Y3 - Y7 Students

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ONLINE Robot Makers - Next step to better education

Our new unique program includes 9 lessons for each term. Each lesson has 40-60min LIVE teacher tutoring in real-time (via web camera). We provide students with homework and tests. It helps them to focus on preparation for the webinars and live sessions. Our course with interactive lessons  combines Coding, Maths, Robotics and Physics for Y3 - Y7 students. Children will design, build and program robots.The goal of the course is to learn coding, engineering, electronics, physics of electrical circuits, sensors, etc. Furthermore, students will develop troubleshooting skills and enhance their mathematical thinking. Age group Y3-Y7. Small groups: 5-10 students on webinar only.

Our unique online course has been developed by qualified educators from leading robotics educational institutions. We update it with the latest achievements in science and education on regular basis.

Our platform is easy to use and intuitive to navigate. No special requirements – you can access the course from anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. Children can ask their questions on homework to the teacher offline. Individual approach to each student keeps them connected, busy and educated.

Features of The Course

STEMLOOK Robotic Kit Included in the class fee

Robot is Included

We provide a robotic kit. No need to purchase it separately. Mutliple upgrades are provided as child progresses to advanced levels.

STEMLOOK Robotics School Study Hardware

Study Hardware

Children will study hardware (electronics):LEDs', motors, sensors, CPU, etc.

STEMLOOK Study Coding

Study Coding

Programming of the robot is performed in specially developed environment. Children progress from block programming to low level coding.

STEMLOOK Online Robotics Live Teacher Lessons

Live Teacher

Course includes Live Teacher interactive lessons with theory explanation and review of the homework.