Should we let kids watch TV?

The debate about whether television is harmful or useful for children began the moment television appeared. The first studies and conclusions about the influence of TV were made even when not everybody could afford to have one at home. Today, we have to admit that TVs and computers, tablets and phones have become really popular among our children. The influence of gadgets on the health and psyche of a child is regularly studied by scientists and discussed at scientific conferences. The data are contradictory, but the main thing that everyone agrees on is that we are not able to slow down progress and prohibit the use of electronic devices by children.

The attitude of parents is different. Some don’t let their kids watch TV and use a computer as they think that gadgets are harmful. Others, however, think that it’s impossible to limit the use of these devices as kids will eventually find a way to use them.

TV should be used for educational purposes both by parents and kids. Only in this way will it do a lot of good.

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