Why study programming at an early age?

  • It provides basic literacy in the age of digital technologies. The chief goal of education is to prepare kids for future life. When studying programming children begin to understand the digital world they live in. They learn to control and understand technologies not just use them.
  • It can change the world and its perception. Nowadays it is not enough just to be able to write words, sentences, etc. It is necessary to be able to write programs, which will be extremely useful for young people in the future.
  • It causes unique discoveries and forms new ideas. Everybody has ideas, but to realise them it is necessary to understand your abilities. Programming prepares kids to be sure of their potential, be ready to make new discoveries and create unique things.
  • Learning programming is not difficult and provokes interest in school subjects. It is similar to learning any other language. It is a unique way for kids to communicate with each other and with the world, which is aimed at communicating with technologies and understanding them rather than overcoming the language barrier.

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