What is aggression?

Aggression is behavior toward others aimed at destroying or harming them. It is important for a parent to learn to distinguish between aggression that is caused by physical or mental pain and aggression that is intentionally aimed at harming someone else. Aggression is not always bad. When a kid shows it without hurting others, they […]

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Where does fear come from?

Kids of different ages experience different types of fears. Living through them is a natural part of the process of growing up, fears appear and disappear. Another thing is when fears fill all their attention. Fear interferes with kids’ development, communication with peers, learning and just ordinary children’s life. The consequences of fears are extremely […]

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Setting goals for older kids

There are five simple rules that are important to follow when setting goals in order to achieve them easier. Set goals that are important to you. Even if anticipation is enough for joy and delight, you are on the right track. Set measurable, specific goals. Becoming a good person is a good aspiration, but a […]

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Conflict resolution

Every person faces conflicts. And your child is no exception. It is important not to solve problems for him, but to help him cope with the problem on his own. Explain to the child that aggression can only be a form of self-defense, but not an attack. Speak out all possible situations for getting out […]

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Setting goals for young kids

It’s important to teach your kid from a very young age to set goals. There is an easy way to do it. Give the child a piece of paper and ask them to draw themselves in the center. It can be a self-portrait, a photograph, some symbol, a name or a nickname – something that […]

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Why don’t kids like to read?

There are also several reasons why children don’t want to read. Information noise. Today’s children live in an information-overloaded environment. In such a situation, their brain gets tired very quickly and is not ready to accept new information. To be ready to absorb something new, you need to make room for this. Spend time without […]

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