Top professions in STEM

Mechanical Engineer (Average salary A$ 89,234/yr) The number of positions in this sphere is expected to increase by 9% in 2026. Architecture, alternative sources of energy, processing industry and nanotechnology are the spheres where engineers with suitable education and rich experience can be employed in the near future. To work as a mechanical engineer, you […]

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Ada Lovelace

It is impossible to speak about programming without this woman. But for her, we wouldn’t have computers and programs, nothing! She was passionate about mathematics just like her mother. She was born in 1815 when a woman scientist was a very rare phenomenon and in her childhood she had the best teachers in math. When […]

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What does robotics develop?

When kids do robotics, they develop different qualities, such as responsibility, discipline, ability to work in a team, imagination and attention. Doing work from easy tasks to more difficult ones teach patience and determination. It also helps to develop: Creative thinking Mental abilities Memory Understanding of the world around us Respect for other people’s work […]

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Why robotics?

Robotics is a very wide notion and it started when first computers appeared. Robotics includes developing software, developing complex engineering solutions, programming artificial intelligence and design. It is a very promising not only for engineers and programmers, but also for designers, market specialists and even psychologists. We live in a very interesting period of history. […]

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When to start studying robotics

The best age to do a robotics course is between the age of 8-12. At a younger age it is difficult for a kid to understand abstract notions. When they are older, they might be interested in something else and can be distracted from studying robotics. Also, a kid should be motivated to study mathematics […]

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Coding and entrepreneurial skills

Coding helps develop entrepreneurial skills such as creativity, stability and intellect. When learning to code kids develop their intellectual abilities. The benefit of coding is not in learning certain languages, but in developing thinking and entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial thinking is connected with a person’s behavior: he thinks of ideas, tests them, fails and tries again. […]

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4 benefits of robotics

It helps to acquire programming skills. Programming robots encourages to focus on solving complex problems. It develops mathematical skills. When kids do robotics, they do not deal with the code and complex figures. Such classes help to understand mathematical logic. It teaches to make mistakes and put your ideas into practice. By doing robotics, kids […]

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5 benefits of robotics for kids

It helps to get knowledge. Kids like to create something useful and interesting with their own hands. If a kid is interested in technology, why not start creating robots? It helps kids to become attentive and diligent. It is what many modern kids lack. They do not waste their time on watching TV, using social […]

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Is programming boring?

Many parents who remember their ICT classes at school really think that it is. Modern kinds study differently, because instead of learning lots of information, they assemble cute robots and program them, i.e. they make them go, bend, carry different objects. Children have special project tasks, schemes and the necessary software. All this helps them […]

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